Frequently Asked Questions

CauliBuds are used to maintain compression on your ear, once injured, to prevent the development of cauliflower ear. Without CauliBuds, the ear would continue to fill with fluid and proper healing would not be achieved.

Visit our instructions page to learn more.

Yes, you can sleep while wearing CauliBuds. It is recommended to wear a headband around the ear to keep it in place.

It is safe to train with CauliBuds. It is recommended that you wear headgear to keep your ears from further trauma, and to keep the magnets from being brushed off.

On areas that required draining, Caulibuds should be worn as much as possible for 72 hours. For sore, red ears with no swelling we recommend 12-24 hours.

When you take CauliBuds off, gently pinch the area CauliBuds were applied with your fingers. When the injury is healed the area should feel sturdy and strong like the surrounding area. If you take CauliBuds off and notice the area is still soft and has “bounce” then wear CauliBuds another 12-24 hours and check again. Be patient, it will heal!

Absolutely! This is part of the healing process! When the hematoma and swelling start to heal there is less “padding” between your ears and CauliBuds. If discomfort becomes too strong you can tear the corner of a paper towel off, fold it, and place in-between your ear and the CauliBuds. Apply this on either the front, back, or both magnets as needed.

Itching is a normal sign of healing in the body so this is a good thing! The itching will pass shortly just try not to scratch it! (Assuming you do not have an allergy to silicone). If you are experiencing an allergic reaction, stop using CauliBuds immediately and consult your doctor.

When wearing CauliBuds when training ALWAYS wear head gear. If you are training in a sport with striking (Boxing, Kickboxing ect..) we recommend taking 72 hours off of training as ear strikes will prevent healing. You can always cross train if you do not want to completely sit out for 72 hours.

Yes, this is actually a VERY important step. when sleeping without CauliBuds it is possible to roll over and aggravate the area allowing blood to flow back in. 72 hours isn’t a long time you don’t want to have to start over!

The size you use will be specific for what area is damaged. Think of it like a cut on your arm, you would want the whole cut compressed not part of it. Choose the size that will cover the whole area that is injured.

By ALWAYS wearing headgear. If you are unable to wear headgear for whatever reason, apply CauliBuds for 12-24 hours if you notice your ears are red or sore after training.

You don’t have to. It’s important to keep the area clean just BE GENTLE and DO NOT scrub hard on the area! Also, after a shower is a good time to disinfect CauliBuds and replace folded paper towels (If you required that step).

CauliBuds are very strong and were designed to stay in place, don’t worry about them falling off for non- contact sports or activities. However, If you placed paper towel between CauliBuds we recommend removing them while you do other activity as this weakens the connection between the magnets. Replace folded paper towel after activity is done.