About Us

Caulibuds is the original and best Cauliflower magnet solution - made by real Jiu Jitsu athletes to treat Cauliflower ear faster… keeping you on the mats and preventing flare ups from becoming permanent ear disfiguration.

Our magnet compression system is optimized to the ideal magnet strength and highest quality silicone to give you the most comfortable recovery possible. They’re most effective when used immediately after draining your ear, but are also good for preventing those minor flare ups from becoming worse. 

Cauliflower ear is an inevitable part of our sport, so make sure you’re ready when it comes! Whether you’re a weekend warrior or an ADCC Champ, these WILL work for you. OSS!

zayagarcia.bjj (pictured) is a semi-pro BJJ who left his Right ear untreated but discovered Caulibuds when his Left ear started to get Cauliflower. Notice the difference!

Meet the Owner, Ben Frelka

I’m a Brown Belt who trains out of Kiko France BJJ in Phoenix, AZ. Like most of you, BJJ is my passion even though I’ll never be a professional competitor. Caulibuds gives me the opportunity to support our community, and I love dropping in at gyms around the country to pass out Caulibuds and get new rolls in. I hope to come by your gym one day!