Sponsorship & Affiliate Program

Welcome to the CauliBuds Affiliate Program! Through this program, you will be given a discount code (10% OFF), and will receive a commission order placed with that code.

Use this code on social media, and other places where you can share the product.

To begin, please visit our affiliate portal and click "Register". Once you have done that, we will receive an email confirmation with your name and email, and will tell you when your discount code has been generated. We will send you images and text that you can use at your own discretion throughout the program.

Thank you for being a part of the CauliBuds brand!

For questions regarding the affiliate program, please email parker@caulibuds.com.

For questions regarding our sponsorship program, please email shawn@caulibuds.com

*By agreeing to be an affiliate for CauliBuds you are agreeing to represent our products. All advertisements will be professional and non offensive in regards to race, gender , religion, or anything that can be considered offensive. You are agreeing to ONLY distribute official CauliBuds official products provided by CauliBuds and are agreeing not to attempt to manufacture , or distribute similar products using CauliBuds name or logos for your own personal gain. Violation of these terms will result in termination of your affiliation with CauliBuds and you could face possible legal actions for any violations including distributing or advertising of knockoff products. By filling out affiliation form you are agreeing to follow these terms at all times.